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[D2lnews] Another intense/compressed D2L Seminar

We're offering another special 90-minute D2L training seminar Thursday
May 20 9-10:30--an "intense/compressed" introduction to D2L. The
intended audience is those who get technology fairly quickly or feel
very comfortable using software: People who could get up and running
with a
minimum of instruction. (Or, if you've attended one before and just
need to brush up on your D2L skills.)

To register, contact Bobbi Reepsdorf, reeps@uwosh.edu or x3010. As
registration is limited to 12.

There are enough unique features of D2L that we recommend training for
everyone. But we also know that some of you do not need 3 1/2 hours to
figure out a new program. In this seminar, you will get the basics,
including hands-on time. You will not get a demo, you will not get
repetitions of the same concept, you will not get a tour of advanced
tools, you will not get my 15-minute spiel on what kinds of files to
upload. We will cover setting up the nav bar, creating modules and
entering content, linking D2L tooks, and uploading files. We may also
cover  setting up discussions, the gradebook, and quizzes, depending on

If you aren't sure if you are qualified for this seminar, please drop
me a note or a call and we can discuss it.