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[D2lnews] enrollment for summer courses

If you are teaching with D2L for summer, these are the steps to
get your students enrolled by me.

Get into the course.
Go to Edit Course.
On that page, enter the 5-digit PeopleSoft class number in Course
Code. (See below for directions on finding this.)
Send me an email with the class number.

If you have more than one section in one site, follow the above steps 
for one of the class numbers. Then drop me an email with all class
numbers; indicate which one was put in and which weren't.

I'll process enrollment June 1. Any later requests will be processed as
soon as possible.

If you need a site for summer, just fill out the request form at


What is the Peoplesoft class number(s)? These are 5-digit numbers found

in TitanWeb. Here is one way to find them.
         1.     At TitanWeb (http://www.uwosh.edu/tw/), login then go
to SA Self Servce: Learner Services: Catalog: View Schedule of Classes.
         2.     Select UW Oshkosh from the drop down; wait for the page
         3.     Enter the term code 0585 and select Basic Search.
         4.     Fill in your department (and course), unselect Open
classes only, and select the appropriate Course Career. Search.
         5.     The first column is the Class Nbr.

If you know how to find a list of the courses you are teaching, the
class number is also shown on that page. If you have difficulty finding
it, ask your PA; usually they know exactly where to find it.