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[D2lnews] Inactive/disappearing courses

A feature that used to not be working started working again recently.
Under Edit Course, you can make a course inactive (Active: No). What
this does is make the course disappear from your front page
list...except that it hasn't been working for the last couple months.
It has unexpectedly started working again. If you have a course that
seems to have suddenly disappeared, you just need to make it active.

Go to Manage Courses (MyHome, in the second middle area) and search for
the course by name. Or, you just click search and every course you are
enrolled in will appear. Select the course title and you will be in
Edit Course right away. Simply select Active: Yes and the course will
appear again on MyHome.

This feature will be a great advantage: A) Shortly, all Oshkosh courses
will be created in D2L. If you aren't using D2L for a particular course
or section, it won't appear on your main page, cluttering things up.
Just activate the ones you are using. B) At the end of each semester,
you can easily make courses inactive so that you can keep track of the
current semester's courses. Once we're integrated and all courses are
created, I'll send this information out each semester as well so that
you are reminded how to make courses active and inactive.

My apologies to anyone caught by surprise by this.