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[D2lnews] Account updates

We expect to update user accounts sometime next week. At this time,
passwords will be reset to the TitanID number. We will post a notice on
the login page when the process is completed, but you might login while
the process is underway. If you get an error message when logging in,
please use your 7-digit Titan ID as the password. This applies only to
UW Oshkosh students, faculty, and instructional academic staff who are
currently listed in TitanWeb as teaching a course in the Fall. Other
users should continue using their previous password (this would include
professional/administrative academic staff and classified staff).

When the accounts are updated, all email addresses will also be reset
to the UW Oshkosh email address. This information cannot be changed by
anyone and I will not accept requests to change it. If someone refuses
to check their UW Oshkosh email account they may forward it to a
preferred address. Students who complain should be referred to the
Student Email Policy

Names will also be updated. I am offering--strictly limited to UW
Oshkosh employees--that I will change the account information for
anyone who does not use the name displayed in TitanWeb. For example,
some of you use your middle name while TW displays your first name.
Simply drop me an email *after* integration happens with the changes
you need. The process has repercussions and isn't simple, so I will not
be offering this to students.

This is all part of the integration process. You will get more info
from me about creation of courses and enrollment once they are done.