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[D2lnews] Fall 2004 courses/rosters now available

Your Fall 2004 courses should now be available in D2L! At this point,
you should now work in these sites, not the ones listed under
"non-integrated courses." 

Please read this entire email. There's a lot of information in it and
you don't want to miss any of it!

Some things to do with your new coursesite

A) Feel free to change the name of your course (Edit Course: Course
Info). The listed name is exactly the one that appears in TitanWeb;
many courses have words abbreviated. If there's more than one section
of that course offered, you can assist yourself and your admins by
adding your section number and/or your last name to the title as well. 
B) If you want the students to have access outside of the exact dates
of the course, you will need to change the start/end dates. Students do
not have access outside the listed dates; if you take the dates off,
they will have access immediately.
C) As with any new course site in D2L, set up your nav bar with the
tools you want to use.
D) At this time, there is no way to take a course off your list
completely. Wait for the upgrade on Aug 18; at that time, turning it
inactive will mean you no longer see it anywhere. Please do not do this
yet, however, as it isn't currently working.
D) If you had a previous version of the course in D2L (either offered
last semester or a course copied from BB), you need to copy its
material into your new site. To do so:

Go to your course then go into Edit Course: Components. In the second
area, select the old version of the course from the drop-down list,
then check the box for select all. And the bottom select the Copy
Please note the following items do not copy (NOTE: If you are copying a
course that was transferred from Blackboard, none of these things items
are relevant.): 
Schedule (calendar), Frequently Asked Questions , Glossary, Navigation
Bar Settings, some properties of dropboxes (preserving the original
order of the dropbox folders and the option to "Add Event to
Calendar"), some properties of content items (release conditions and
the option to hide a content item), any "Quick Links" pointing to
content items (they link to the former course; contact me for
assistance in fixing these). With the exception of the last one, you
will need to recreate these items if you have been using them. 

Soon, enrollments will be updated on a daily basis. Until then, don't
bother unenrolling or enrolling students. It will be handled
automatically before the semester begins. We wanted to get you
instructors in ASAP so went with a static version of the enrollment
data from earlier this week. Please DO NOT CREATE ANY USERS. Users will
automatically be created by the system at the same time as enrollment
is updated.

Don't see a course listed that you know you are teaching? Check
TitanWeb. Are you listed as the instructor? Does it just list "staff"?
The enrollment process won't enroll you in the D2L site unless you are
listed in TW. You have to get your department to list you as the
instructor. I've been told PAs can get this done in most (all?)

Want just one site for a multi-section or cross-listed course? We can
combine them for you! Just drop me an email with the course
department(s), the course number(s), and course sections. If the course
is in more than one department, let me know which one you want it to
appear in. (It may be possible in the future to have it appear in both
departments, but I don't know how to do that yet.) Students will
automatically be grouped by section in the combined course.

Let me know if you have questions! I hope this makes things a lot
easier for you to get courses up and running.