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[D2lnews] Need to combine sections?

(First, apologies for three copies of the last message. My email
program kept sending the message instead of saving a draft.)

If you have multiple sections of a course that you would to combine
into one D2L site, just let me know the following

Course name(s) as they appear in D2L
Section #s

This can be done for multiple sections of the same course, dual-level
courses, courses cross-listed in multiple departments, or any other
combination of courses. It doesn't matter to me!

Unless you state otherwise, I will use the lowest section number or
lowest course number as the base site. (For cross-departments, please
let me know which one to use.) The other sections will be moved into
that one. If you have content in a different section, let me know to
use that one! Please note that if your sections have different names
(common in dual-level courses from what I've seen so far) they may not
be listed in the order you expect--they will be in alphabetical order
on your list by name, not course or section number! This is very
important if you have been using the first site alphabetically for
content. You have to let me know!

If a mistake is made, don't worry--the other sites still exist, you
just aren't enrolled in them anymore. We can help you get back into
them to copy your materials into the new site.

After I process your request, which I try to do within 24 hours
(weekdays), overnight the students will be moved. If you don't see any
changes within 3 days, please contact me.