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[D2lnews] Upgrade to 7.3 live

The upgrade to 7.3 went smoothly, although there are currently two
known problems. With this upgrade you will see several improvements,
enhancements, and bug fixes. This email describes some of the more
significant changes. Note that those items labeled "Not confirmed" are
scheduled to be included but have not yet been confirmed. This list in
not all-inclusive.

I am not certain as to how all of these work; I'm still learning my way
around as well. Feel free, however to ask, as that gives me direction
in what to work on learning all the ins and outs of. In addition, there
are some new items that may not yet display for you; they require me to
find their settings and allow you access. I'll be working on this this
afternoon, so everything should display soon. If you don't see
something you think you should, let me know.

Known problems at this time:
* When editing an already-existing content topic, the editor doesn't
work. Your content may or may bot be displayed. The buttons in the
editor do not appear. If you make changes, they probably will not take
effect. This is being looked at as we know this is a major problem.
There are not problems with creating new topics, just with editing
existing ones.
* Gradebook may not fully display. Other campuses have reported this
problem but I haven't had a problem. Let me know if you do.

Instructors create their own grade schemes.
Grade schemes can be applied to individual grade items.
A checkbox is available for pass/fail or satisfactory/unsatisfactory
grade items.
Dropping lowest grade(s) and highest grade(s) is now available.
Not confirmed: Grades can be exported based on group membership
All members of a group or class can be assigned the same grade in one
step rather than entering them for each individual student. This is
significant when an instructor decides everyone deserves the same
Final grades can be viewed by percent, points, or grade scheme.
Negative grades can be assigned for numeric grade items.
Grade statistics now include mean, median, standard deviation, etc.
Running total columns are now available.
Category weighting now has an "auto-weight" function which
automatically weights all grades equally in a grade category.
Importing and exporting grades in a CSV format are enhanced. 

Auto Submission of Quizzes: students can be forced to submit a quiz
after the specified quiz period has expired.
Question import from CSV file is now available (Offline Question
Bonus Questions can now be created.
Printing restrictions are built in to prevent students from printing by
"right-clicking and choosing "Print" (CTRL-click on Mac) during a quiz.
Not confirmed: Sorting allows instructors to define assessment
Not confirmed: Marking quiz questions is now easier. All attempts at a
quiz question can be marked at once.
The instructor can specify initial text to populate the input field in
Long Answer questions.
Multi-select and matching questions now are correctly graded.

Content and File Management:
Saving files is now possible with a right-mouse click (CTRL-click on a
Mac) on a quicklink.
Saving files in Edit Course/Files is now possible for instructors with
a right-mouse click (CTRL-click on a Mac), but not from the Content
listing itself. Students cannot see the Files section so they do not
have this option. To make a file available so students can save it, use
a quicklink or attach the file to a Discussion posting.
Conditional Topic Release on Groups allows the instructor to release
new course modules based on group membership
The Files list now shows the Content item title if the file is a
Content item. This is in addition to the small red "t" indicating

Discussion topics can be controlled with a time release, comparable to
time release in Content.

Students can now access the survey tool from the NavBar. Previously,
the instructor needed to create a quicklink to the survey.

Staff, Student and Groups are broken out into separate tabs for easier
management and viewing.
You can search for a particular person within the course.

General enhancements:
Large class sizes are better supported.
Not confirmed: Safari is now supported on Macs.
Progress bars indicate time remaining for downloads.
Students who cannot access courses because of date restrictions are
presented with an inactive link to the course, and a message informing
them when they will have access.