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[D2lnews] Not using a coursesite that appears D2L?

If you have some courses in D2L that you aren't going to use this
semester, you can hide them from students by making them inactive. I
strongly encourage you to do this for all Fall 04 courses that won't be
used so that students don't have them appearing in their course lists.
(You can also do this to past courses so that they no longer clutter
students' lists.)

Go to the course and go to Edit course. (Or, from the My Oshkosh
Courses, select the edit icon in front of the name.)
Next to Active? select the No radio button.

The course will still appear on your list of courses, but will not be
visible or accessible to students. It still appears on your list so
that you can make it active later on, or in the case of old courses
still copy components into new sites each semester.

Sarting with Spring courses, D2L sites will automatically be inactive
and you will need to make active the sites you will be using.

Don't forget--if you have multiple sections or a cross-listed course, I
can combine them into one site. Just send me your department, the
course name(s) as they appear in D2L/TitanWeb, and all relevant section
numbers. I will combine into the lowest numbered section unless you
state otherwise; if crosslisted, the lowest course number. The other
sites will all disappear from your list.