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[D2lnews] Revised content editor problem

I am now recommending, based on reports of problems from PC users, that
both PC AND Mac users follow the directions for not editing content. At
this time, I  cannot guarantee the stability of editing/saving content.
I am exceedingly frustrated and upset about this, as I know you are.
The problem has been reported and I am sure they are working on fixing
it ASAP.

As far as we can tell, it is okay to create new topics and enter your
content into them. Make any changes and fixes right away. However, we
strongly recommend that you DO NOT EDIT them after they have been
saved. Our experience this morning on the Mac is that if a content
topic is editted and saved, the content of the file is completely
deleted and the file is blank. On the PC, the content appears to still
be saved, although edits might not be, and the content may not appear
at all when viewed from the course. Therefore, DO NOT EDIT ANY TOPICS. 

Again, it is okay to create new topics. It is not okay to edit existing

In the meantime, you might just work on your materials in Word, or make
notes about things that need to be fixed in D2L. Another workaround
would be to copy the existing content in D2L, create a new topic, paste
the content in, make changes, and save it. Delete the first one. This
would work because you are creating a new topic rather than editting an
existing one. It is a bit messy file-wise, but will work if you can't
wait for the problem to be fixed.

I understand this is *really* bad timing. We'll let you know as soon as
possible when it is working properly.