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[D2lnews] A faster way to create lots of discussion forums/topics

A number of folks have said that it's a bit tedious to create
discussion forums and topics, especially when they use groups. We've
found a feature whereby you can create forums and topics more quickly.
The one drawback is that topic descriptions can't be created here; you
can always add them later by editting the forum.

Go to Discussions: Modify Forums and Topics: Add forums and topics. You
have make a delimited list of the forums/topics. I found the example a
bit awkward; this might make more sense:

First forum $$$ First Description $$$ First topic %%% Second topic %%%
Third topic ###
Second forum $$$ Second description $$$ First topic %%% Second topic
%%% Third topic ###
Third forum $$$ Third description $$$ First topic

You can try copying this into the page and previewing it to see how it

Sharon Chappy tested this out, and said "This delimited thing is an
absolute godsend! This will save a ton of time doing these multiple
group forums! It works very easily and you merely have to copy and
paste from Word and then be sure all the little symbols are in the
right place for the first one, then copy and paste that for all others
and you are done. Finally...something easy!"