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[D2lnews] Cosmetic changes coming soon!

Two wonderful changes will be happening in D2L, hopefully within the
next few days.

A) We're getting some great new graphics for the nav bars. There will
be one default set that will appear on the My Home page and will also
appear in all courses. If all goes well, there will be a couple others
(with more on the horizon) that you can select for your courses, to
personalize them a little bit more. This change will not affect the
tools/links you've placed in your course nav bars, just the images and
colors behind the links as well as the color of the links. When the new
ones are ready, I'll let you know how to choose them for your nav bar.

B) We'll be switching to logging in with your email password! They are
working on setting the date for this, but just in case it can be done
quickly, look for the notice on the login page. The info will be in
large, bright red letters, so you shouldn't miss it! Once I have an
actual date I'll post an announcement inside D2L and drop another email
just before it happens. However, if you have a live course right now,
please pass this info on to your students so they know to watch for the