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[D2lnews] PC editor issue--mostly resolved

It appears that content editting/creation is now working on the PC.
However, some people have reported getting a strange error message
after creating new content via copy/paste from Word, saving, and then
looking at it. The error is something about not being able to view the
contents of a XML file.  If this happens to you, don't worry because
the fix is really easy: Edit the content item again (if viewing it from
Content, click the E in the upper right set of icons), and save it. (To
refresh the content page, recall that you have to go to another D2L
page and then return to the one you fixed. The page will not
automatically refresh after you edit and save.)

D2L still isn't sure what's been causing the editor issues, but I'll
keep informed of any new information I get. We are all concerned about
getting it fixed as soon as possible since the school year is starting!

Please let me know if you experience any other problems with the editor
so that I can pass them on to tech support.