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[D2lnews] D2L Express Thursday 9-10:30

We're offering one more of the special 90-minute D2L training seminars
Wed Aug 11 1-3:30 and Thursday Sept 2 9-10:30. This is your chance to
brush up on your D2L skills before Fall semester starts!

To register, contact Michelle Loker, loker @uwosh.edu or x1154.
Registration is limited to 19 people.

In this seminar, you will get the basics, including hands-on time. You
will not get a demo, you will not get repetitions of the same concept,
you will not get a tour of advanced tools, you will not get my
15-minute spiel on what kinds of files to upload. We will cover setting
up the nav bar, creating modules and topics, entering content, linking
D2L tooks, and uploading files. We will also cover setting up
discussions, the gradebook, and quizzes, in brief.