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[D2lnews] D2L Outage Tomorrow (9/1) 5-7 am

Learn@UW is taking some proactive steps to minimize performance
problems with the start of the upcoming semester.  One of these steps
is to take a hot fix from D2L that will improve the database
performance in our production environment, which should reduce the
number of Internal 500 errors many of you have been experiencing.

This is scheduled this patch for 5am-7am CT tomorrow, Wednesday,
September 1st, 2004.  We apologize for this last minute notice, but we
need to act quickly in a short timeframe.  An outage message will be
posted as usual to notify anyone who tries to connect during this

D2L is encouraging LUW to take a patch that will improve performance in
the assessment area of quizzes, surveys and self-assessments.  Because
this patch requires a long outage, up to 8 hours, they want to evaluate
the effect of tomorrow's hot fix first.  If they determine that we also
need this additional patch, they will try to give us as much notice as
possible.  They will also try to install the patch with minimal impact
to our usage of the system.

We appreciate your understanding as we work with D2L to provide as
robust a platform as possible for the Fall semester.