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[D2lnews] Emailing from D2L

I've just learned that the "email all" link from classlist is not
working. We encourage the use of the Email link in the Nav Bar anyway
(by default, it was put in your nav bar in the upper left area). From
the Email link, all you have to do is select the button "Show Address
Book" in the upper left see a list of everyone in the class.

To email all the students, select the check box in front of "Students."
Then choose the BCC button near the top. Put your own email address
into the TO field. (You can select yourself from the list as well so
you don't have to type it.) We recommend putting the students in the
BCC field so that they don't see everyone else's email address nor can
they easily respond to the entire class when they intend to reply just
to you.

You can also email to groups through the address book. At the top of
it, you'll see your course name; click on it and you will see a
drop-down list of your group types. Select the one you want, and you'll
see your groups listed. Select the checkbox in front of a group's name
to choose all the students.