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[D2lnews] Have multiple sites and want just one?

Every single section that is listed in TitanWeb is created in D2L.
Often, these different sections actually meet together (cross listed or
multi-site) or you have the exact same material for all of them. I can
combine your sites into one! 

To combine sections in D2L, just send me

Course name(s) (as it appears in D2L/TitanWeb)
Relevant section #s

I'll combine into the lowest numbered section. If you've used a
different site than that one for entering content so, let me know which
one to use. (You can tell the section by looking at the course code--go
to Edit course, and it's in the nav bar area after the course name.
You'll see the section numbers after the department and course number.)

I usually make the combination the day I get your request (if before
3), and you'll see the change the next morning. Please allow 48 hours,
however, in case I don't get to the request right away.