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[D2lnews] TitanWeb data trumps D2L

There have been some questions lately about which roster is the "right"
one: TitanWeb or D2L. The answer is: TitanWeb is more up to date than

TW is updated in real time. If a student drops/adds a course, it's
reflected in your roster right away. D2L receives data from TW each
night, around 2-5am. If a student drops/adds a course, it isn't
reflected until the following morning.

To see your roster in D2L, go to Classlist and select the Student tab.
Once selected, this will be the default the next time you go to
Classlist. If you have a large class, you may wish to bump up the
number of students listed per page to see everyone at once. Otherwise,
be sure to page through to see everyone. A handy feature is a drop down
list of the pages listing the first and last lastname on each page.