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[D2lnews] D2L and eReserves

There's a problem with to eReserves within D2l. Links to eReserves that
are opened within D2L's window end up with error messages. We're
working on fixing this, but for now, eReserves links MUST be opened in
a new browser window to avoid the error message. You can simply remind
your students to do so, or you can fix the links so that it happens
automatically. (Automatically opening new browser windows isn't a good
idea for a number of reasons, so I always rec'd against it except in
this case. You might add a note that a new browser window will open in
the link description to alert your students.)

To make a link open in a new browser window, if you have them in the
Links tool, edit the link and one of the options where the link opens.
Just switch to new window and you'll be fine. (If it asks for window
size, 500 x 400 or a little smaller is a good size.) If you've included
links (QuickLinks) within content, you will need to recreate the link
in order to choose the option for opening in a new browser window. In
this case, it's probably easier to just note "(open in a new browser
window to avoid errors)" next to or inside the link.

You can open a link in a new browser window by right clicking on the
link. It will be one of the options.

The eReserves link listed when creating your Nav Bar automatically
opens in a new browser window.

In addition, links to TitanWeb do not work (on the PC that is) if
opened within D2L. I've also made the Nav Bar link open automatically
open a new window.