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[D2lnews] Drop by with technology questions on Friday afternoons

If you are on the announcements list, you will have already seen this
notice there. But I wanted to especially encourage D2L folks to drop
by. It's a perfect time to work on your courses and have someone on
call to answer little questions as they come up. I will be the person
in the lab most of the time, with Nick as my second. So D2L assistance
will be the specialty!

The IDEA Lab will be staffed Friday afternoons this semester for
drop-in assistance for all your technology questions! No question too
big or too small, too long or too short. No need to make an
appointment. One or more Media Services staff will be available from
1-3:30 to assist you individually. Snacks will be provided to help you
stay focused on Friday afternoons. 

Do you
...need to create a PDF file?
...want to scan some photos or articles?
...need to put course materials in D2L?
...want to create an online quiz?
...have a question about using the new email system?
...need some tips for creating good Powerpoint presentations?
...want to learn how to use your new digital camera?
...need help finding your rosters in TitanWeb?
...need a quick refresher on Dreamweaver, D2L, Powerpoint, OSX, or
other software?
...have other technology questions?

Just stop on by Polk 7, across from Testing Services, Friday afternoons
this semester from 1-3:30 (except Oct 22). The IDEA Lab and Media
Services staff are always available throughout the week for your use
and assistance. We are just guaranteeing that someone will be available
during these hours for drop-ins.

*We will do our best to answer your questions, but do not guarantee
that we know it all. We will try to find someone else to answer it if
we cannot. And at least you'll get a free snack.