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[D2lnews] If you lose discussion forums/topics that are restricted to groups

If you create small groups and then restrict discussion forums or
topics to those groups, you might lose access to those forums/topics.
(They no longer appear on the Discussion main page, but you can see
that they still exist from Modify Forums/Topics.) It's a funny quirk
due to a mistake I made this summer. To get them back, just drop me a
note with the department and name of your course (as it appears in
D2L), and I'll get the access back for you. (It doesn't affect student
access--they will still be able to see the ones they have access to.)

Every time you modify the groups, such as adding a student or changing
a student from one group to another, you'll lose access again. Just
drop me another email.

They are working on fixing this, and I'll let you know when it
shouldn't happen anymore.