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[D2lnews] Emailing students


The Email all link on the classlist has been flaky lately. I thought it
was working but have just gotten reports that it isn't again.

We recommend using the Email link in the nav bar instead of Email all,
and we recommend this in any case even if Email is working. 

When using Email, select Show Address book in the upper left. This will
give you a list of everyone in the class. If you click the very top
box, that will select everyone (including your name at the bottom,
which you can de-select). Use the BCC (blind copy) button, then they
won't see all their classmates addresses (in large classes, this is a
must!). Put your own email in the To field (using the full address,
including @uwosh.edu).

As far as I know, emailing through the Email link works. Please let me
know if you get reports that students aren't receiving your messages.
(Although do check first to make sure they are looking at their UW
Oshkosh email account!)