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[D2lnews] Performace and email improvements

Learn@UW implemented something called hyperthreading on the D2L servers
today. It should increase performance and decrease the 500 internal
server errors. Please let me know of any such errors you receive (tell
me when and where they occured, like 2:30 gradebook, or 1:15 content
item). I hope to not hear from anyone! (I can hope at least.)

Regarding email: It turns out that there was a limit on the emails of
100 recipients. Thanks to Teri Shors and the UW Oshkosh academic
computing folks for helping them figure this out. They've upped the
limit to 300 recipients, so you shouldn't have a problem emailing your
classes anymore. If you have a class with more than 300 students, you
should email by section (I don't believe we have any sections with more
than 150 or so?). To do so, go to Email and show the address book.
Click on the course title, and you will see a list of group types. The
sections have a long code, but within there you should see the section
number. You'll then get a list of the students, and like I wrote in an
earlier email today, you can select them with the checkbox at the top.