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[D2lnews] Instructor FAQ up!

It's not very extensive yet, but the D2L Instructor FAQ is up online at

In particular, you may be interested in:

How do I use D2L? (Or, I've come to training, but I don't quite
remember what to do.) at

How do I add content?

How do I include files such as Powerpoint, Word, Excel, etc?

If there are specific topics you would like to see covered in the
step-by-step manner of the above with screen shots, let me know! I'm
going to try to get up at least one new FAQ every week. I'll also be
working on a Student FAQ.

(Please let me know if you see any references to Blackboard. I was able
to recycle material from the old site, and hope I updated everything,
but I'm sure a few slipped through!)