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[D2lnews] Spring courses now up

You may have already noticed--2005 Spring/Interim courses have now been
loaded into D2L! I know most of us are still very focused on Fall
semester, but I have had some requests for spring sites already so
wanted to get them up for those who are ready to work on them.

Unlike the Fall courses, Spring courses will not visible to students
unless you make them active. Even then, they will only be visible
during the start/end dates, which by default are set to the
beginning/end of the semester (for 14 week courses; other dates for
other types of courses). To make your course active, go to Edit Course
and select the radio button for Yes next to Active? Please note: I (and
other admins) will not be able to see your course if it is not active.
Please be sure your course is active if you need assistance. (If we
could see inactive courses, we'd have lists of 2500 courses every
semester. It will be much easier if we only see the courses that are
being used.)

As with Fall courses, if you have multi-section or cross listed courses
that you would like combined into one site, send me an email with

Course Department (as it appears in D2L)
Course name (as it appears in D2L)
Relevant sections

There's plenty of time; you need not make these requests immediately.

If you have questions, let me know!