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[D2lnews] Continuing problems with 500 errors in quizes and grades

The upgrade on Monday was done in hopes of fixing the sudden upsurge in
Internal Server 500 errors being found in the quizzing and gradebook
tools. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have fixed the problem.
Learn@UW has given us two suggestions for alleviating them:

A) Use the quiz and grade tools before 4pm. I recommend, if at all
possible, to do so before noon. The load on the server gets higher and
higher as the day goes on. Use of these tools includes student use--if
you have a quiz, encourage (or require) your students to take it before
4pm to reduce the possibility of error messages either for them or for
you. Just looking at the data is usually not problematic--it's the
computation--taking/grading a quiz, sending quiz grades to the
gradebook, grade entry, importing grades, recalcuating grades,
etc.--that causes the heavy load on the server.

B) If you get an error, the only thing we can recommend is to try
again--immediately if necessary, otherwise try it before noon. There
has been some luck in getting quiz grades back even if they don't
immediately appear in the gradebook (I've heard reports of them
appearing within 24 hours. There are also a few manipulations we can do
that usually makes it appear as well.)

While the primary problem is with these two tools, the errors are also
seen in content. Again, try in the morning or simply try, try again. I
cannot make the error disappear, it just a matter of timing on your
part and getting through to the server. Using it earlier in the morning
will alleviate the problem, but does not make it completely disappear.
You may still get 500 errors, but they are rarer than later in the day.

Learn@UW and D2L are definitely aware of this problem and working to
solve it. LUW is currently testing some possible solutions. I'll keep
you updated!