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[D2lnews] Maintenance outage scheduled

We will use the weekly maintenance window (5-7am) on December 28, 2004
and January 6, 2005 to avoid a more significant outage due to a planned
upgrade to the Enterprise Storage System. 

On the first date, technicians will modify the configuration of the D2L
environment to use a mirror of our data (located off-site) and then
switch back to our local disk on the second date. This work requires a
restart of the system. There will be a complete outage from 5-5:30 on
Dec 28.

I'm not sure what's being done on the second date. I think it's a D2L
patch, but it hasn't been determined yet exactly which patches will be
installed so a time frame within the 5-7 window isn't known. We'll let
you know closer to the date exactly what it will be.