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[D2lnews] Keeping Students Afloat in the Information Sea workshop

In case you had missed it, the library is offering a great workshop for
folks who have their students doing online research. (Which is pretty
much everyone--but especially you folks using D2L.)

Title: Keeping Students Afloat in the Information Sea
 Instructor: Marisa Finkey   
 Date and Time: January 20, 2 pm
 Location: Polk 116a
 Student access to information has greatly increased, but are today?s
students able to locate, evaluate, and use that information
effectively?  The workshop will look at what information literacy is
and what makes an information literate student.  We will look at how
these principles can be incorporated into library and class assignments
to teach students how to be more effective information seekers.

Contact Marisa Finkey at finkey@uwosh.edu to register.