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[D2lnews] Would you use the testing center to proctor D2L exams?

The Testing Center is working on a proposal for a space request and is
looking into being able to procotor D2L online exams. I know some of
you have expressed an interest in this. Could you drop me a note
letting me know to what extent you would use such a service? Of course,
there aren't any specific details yet, but it would work much like the
current paper/pencil exams work. D2L does allow the ability to restrict
access to specific computers and/or to put a password on it that could
be given out by testing. I don't know if the computers could be
restricted to just the D2L site, but that might be a possiblity.
Certainly, they would be able to monitor that students worked alone and
did not use textbooks or other print material. I know these are
concerns many of you have expressed about using the online quiz tool.

If you think you'd use this service, please let me know the following,
giving your best estimate. I'd appreciate a response by next Wednesday.

Number of courses a semester you would use proctoring?
Number of students a semester?
Number of test/quizzes a semester?