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[D2lnews] End of the semester--things to do

As the end of the semester approaches, please consider the following

A) Your students may wish to access your course after May 13,
particularly if you use the gradebook. You MUST change the course's
availability dates or else students will not see the course after the
13th. To do so, go to Edit Course, change the end date (perhaps May 20
or 27), and save. If you do not change the end date, students are
likely to contact you (or the help desk) wondering why they can't see
the course.

B) If you use the gradebook, please be aware that you must still report
final grades to the Registrar's Office using their online form. You
cannot export final grades from D2L to TitanWeb. However, we expect
this functionality next fall! (It was tested this spring by two
campuses and worked quite well. I know many of you look forward to this
and I'll keep you updated as we learn more.)

C) If you use the gradebook, we recommend that you back it up to your
harddrive at the end of the semester, just as a precaution. From the
Gradebook, you can Export the grades in a .csv file that can be
imported into Excel.

If you need assistance or have questions, just let me know!