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[D2lnews] Desire2Excel Showcase

Announcing the Desire2EXCEL Showcase

Participate in a new conference tradition by joining the ?D2L Hall of
Fame?. The Desire2EXCEL Showcase is an annual contest, held at the D2L
Users Conference, to showcase your D2L projects. Open to all D2L users,
this is your chance for you and your colleagues to present your D2L
projects to your peers in a creative and engaging five-minute
presentation and have fun.

Who can participate?

The Desire2EXCEL Showcase competition is open to faculty, staff and
administrators of Desire2Learn institutions and organizations:
essentially all D2L users. Participate individually or as a group by
submitting your entry to deliver an innovative five-minute
presentation. Submissions will be accepted April 29 through May 23,
2005. [I'd be delighted to assist with your presentation!]

Showcase Your Projects
This year?s theme will be using technology in a noteworthy or
innovative way to benefit learners, staff, faculty and administrators.

Possible presentation topics may include, but are not limited to:

·         Displaying best practices in course design,
interaction/collaboration, assessment/evaluation, meaningful technology
use and learner support
·         Showcasing a custom widget
·         Creating/demonstrating a learning object
·         Highlighting the use of a D2L tool in an innovative way
·         Using the D2L platform in a new and innovative way (eg.
offering non-traditional courses using technology)
·         Presenting a problem and illustrating a solution

To Enter the Contest

Download the entry form from the conference website at:
http://www.Desire2Learn.com/uc2005/ ) Describe how you will present
your topic. BE CREATIVE! You can sing, dance, act, use any skill or
talent to enhance your presentation delivery (audience participation is
encouraged) Email your completed submission to
All submission entries will be reviewed by the D2L Users Conference
Planning Committee. Selected presentations will be announced June 14
and showcased during the 2nd Annual D2L Users Conference, Madison, WI,
August 7 -10, 2005. All finalist contestants will become part of the
?D2L Hall of Fame? and their names will be included on D2L websites.
The contest will be judged at the D2L Users Conference by your peers
through audience vote with applause. The top three groups will receive
a great prize!

We look forward to seeing you in Madison!