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[D2lnews] Copying course content for a new semester

I know most of you are still finishing up Spring semester, but I have
been asked already about how to get started onf all courses. The system
cannot copy your content automatically into new sites, but  it's fairly
easy for you to do so. Just do the following in the Fall 
2005 course: 

Choose Edit Course (upper right) 

Choose Components (nav bar, near the middle) 

In the second area, Copy Course Components, select the old site from
the drop down list of courses. The long code will indicate which course
number, section, and semester the site is from (0590= fall 04, 0595 =
spring 05, 0600 = fall 05). (Do not select Parent Template.)

Underneath the selection box, click the checkbox in front of "Select
All." (Unless you want to copy only specific materials; if you want
content, make sure you also select course files AND content.)** 

At the bottom of the page, click the Copy button. 

After the confirmation page appears, return to your course with the
link in the upper right. 

Voila! Your content is in your Fall course! You will need to do this
process for all courses, every semester if you want to reuse content,
or any other parts of your course. 

** The following items cannot currently be copied. Schedule (calendar),
Frequently Asked Questions, Glossary, Navigation Bar Settings, some
properties of dropboxes (preserving the original order of the dropbox
folders and the option to "Add Event to Calendar"), some 
properties of content items (release conditions and the option to hide
a content item), any "Quick Links" pointing to content items or
surveys/quizzes (they link to the former course; contact me for
assistance in fixing these). With the exception of the last one, you
will need to recreate these items if you have been using them. D2L has
fixed this problem, but it won't take affect until you are copying from
courses created after the upgrade.