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[D2lnews] IMPORTANT Gradebook change in the upgrade

There's one very importnat change to the gradebook that interim users
need to know about immediately: You have to go through a number of
steps to calcuate the final grade. It will NOT automatically update.

>From the gradebook, select the final grades (the pencil icon next to
the name). Select Transfer Calcualated Grades to Adjusted Grades icon
across the top. Once it's transferred, select the check box next to the
eyeball icon (5th column of the table) to release the grades to
students. Then Save. 

Every time you want final grades updated for the students, you must go
through the above process. D2L will not automatically update the final
grade anymore. (This automatical calculation was one cause of slowness
and problems in the gradebook previously. Every time any grade was
changed for any student, every students' grade was calculated. That's a
lot of processing.)