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[D2lnews] D2L downtimes

TODAY: D2L Upgrade began at 5:00 a.m. Learn@UW is planning to restore
services by 10:00. My apologies for not reporting this sooner; I"m just
back from vacation.

Upcoming maintenance ? File Clustering (07/28/05)
The Learn@UW environment will be unavailable starting at 5 a.m. on
Thursday, July 28th, to install the cluster. We expect that services
will be restored by 10 a.m., but this may happen earlier if everything
goes well. We will implement file server clustering for the UWS file
servers. The advantage is akin to the database clustering, in that it
will allow fail-over to a ?backup? file server, should the primary file
server fail. In an effort to shorten the outage duration, we will
remove two (2) application servers from the pool of four (4) on
Wednesday, July 27th (6:45 a.m.) to begin the configuration process.