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[D2lnews] Combining sections/cross listed courses

If you have a multi-section or cross listed course, I can combine then
into one site for you. Just send me the following information:

Course name AS IT APPEARS IN D2L: 
Sections (if you teach every section of the course, feel free to just
say ALL): 
Which section to use (see below): 

If you have already put content into one of the sites, you must tell me
which section you have already used so that one is the one that appears
after the combining. To find out, go to Edit Course and look in the nav
bar. You'll see the course code which includes the section #. In the
past, I saw the courses in the same order they appeared on your list,
but this no longer holds true. If you don't tell me which section to
use, your content may appear to disappear. I can get it back, but it's
a hassle.