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[D2lnews] Students report they can't find your course?

There are three problems that cause students to not see your course

A) The course is not active. In this case, no students can see the
course. Just to make sure, however, go to Edit Course and make sure the
box next to Active? is checked and saved.

B) The student didn't open up the semester and department. If they
don't select the + sign in front of things, they won't see the list.
This is noted in an announcement, but they tend to skip reading these
important sources of information. (We know they skip them because the
two most common help desk questions are answered in the announcements,
but the help desk still gets calls about those issues.)

C) If the student signed up for the class in the last day or two, they
won't yet appear in D2L. It takes a couple days for all of the systems
to update. You can verify their status by checking the D2L Classlist.
If someone is listed in D2L on your classlist, they will see the course
(if it's active).


Dr. AnnMarie Johnson
Instructional Developer, Blackboard/D2L campus administrator
UW Oshkosh
800 Algoma Blvd Polk Library
Oshkosh WI 54901