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[D2lnews] Slowness update

Lear@UW and D2L have been thoroughly investigating the serve slowness.
Unfortunately, they don't have many answers yet. They are in the
process of trying out a few possible solutions.

Two of these that you may notice

* The updates widget on course homepages will no longer show the number
of new dropbox submissions.
* You may see some error messages that include the words "Term not
found" in a variety of places (typically in the instruction area on the
left hand side). These errors will NOT affect any functionality

If they discover that anything works, you'll notice it--response time
will improve! If they come up with any definitive answers, I'll let you
know. In the meantime, be assured that the support staff is continuing
to look into the issue and are testing and trying all possible
solutions. Your patience is appreciated.