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[D2lnews] Use small groups in D2L? Your input needed

Desire2Learn (the company) is creating a focus group to get feedback
from instructors on how they could improve and change the tools
available for small groups. If you would like to be considered for the
focus group, please drop me an email. In the body, please list your
name, your email address, and your department. I do not know if they
will solicit feedback from everyone or select from all interested
parties. I will simply be forwarding your names on and cannot tell you
whether or when you will be contacted.

D2L has been working with a number of focus groups over the last year
to improve and add to their tools. They are dedicated to getting
feedback from the folks who use their product. I'm just sorry I wasn't
aware of the groups previously. I will let you know whenever I do about
new ones.