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[D2lnews] Grading here at the end of the semester

First, unfortunately, I bring news that we will NOT be integrated with
TitanWeb for e-grading this semester. You must still manually enter
your grades in TitanWeb even though you use the D2L gradebook. We do
expect it to be available in Spring semester. I'll keep you updated
(and will be looking for volunteer courses again for testing).

Second, please remember the following tips as you use the gradebook and
compute final grades over the next few weeks.

A) D2L does *not* keep the final grade updated. Please follow the FAQ
directions at
http://idea.uwosh.edu/online/faq/instrctr/grades/calcfinal.htm Be
absoultely certain that you have done so before transfering final
grades to TitanWeb!
B) Keep in mind the following tips for reducing the rate of errors or
delays in processing. These are particularly important if you have a
larger (>50) number of students.
 * Avoid using the gradebook on Mondays. Monday is the biggest use day
for students, and the system in general is slower.
 * Use the gradebook in the morning, avoiding peak internet hours of
afternoon and evening.
 * Display fewer students per page. The above link also shows how to
change the number of students displayed per page. It is unlikely that
100 or 200 grades entered on one page will save successfully.
C) Backup your gradebook by exporting it to a csv file which is
readable by Excel. To export, just select the Import/Export icon at the
top of the grades list and follow the directions on the next page. 
D) To convert percentage grades to letter grades, just set up a grade
scheme, see the FAQ at

As always, if you have questions, just let me know!