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[D2lnews] As you work on grades...

When you are ready to transfer grades to TitanWeb, the following tips
may be useful

* set up a grade scheme to have D2L display the letter grade,
* Be CERTAIN that you have calculated the final grade after entering
all other grades,
http://idea.uwosh.edu/online/faq/instrctr/grades/calcfinal.htm If it
were me, I'd go an check a second time just to be absolutely certain.
You can tell that the final grade's correct if the calculated and
adjusted columns are identical (unless you have manually adjusted
grades in the adjusted column). You must calculate on EVERY page of
your gradelist.
* Make any modifications to grades in the adjusted column. 
* Remember, you must enter grades in TW manually. There is NO
integration at this time; it should be ready for spring semester,
* I suggest opening two browser windows, one with the TW grade sheet
and one with D2L. Resize them to fit side by side and simply scroll as
* It may be helpful to display the final grade as the first column. Go
to Grades Setup and select the 8th checkbox to do so.
* If you have a site that combines multiple sections, view the
gradebook by groups and select each section separately. The dropdown
for this is between the grades and the icon at the top. After selecting
Groups, the page will refresh and you'll have a dropdown where you can
select each section separately.

Finally, the recommendations given earlier for avoiding 500 errors are
still in effect. They are primarily to avoid peak usage times. Peak
usage will likely decrease over the weekend! (And, if you have a large
class, display as few users at at ime as you can stand.) If you do get
any errors, please don't contact me. Instead, please report it
immediately to our tech support by filling out the form at
http://helpdesk.wisc.edu/d2l/auto_case.php Be certain to include the 
following information in the report: 

Exact error message 
Exactly what you were doing when the error occurred 
Your username 
Date and time when the error occurred 

They are still working on tracking down the cause(s) of these errors
and your reports are necessary for this to be solved. Remember, if you
do get the 500 error, the only resolution is to try again (or to follow
the directions given previously on the list about best times and ways 
to use the gradebook). There is nothing I can do to fix it except
advise you to try again or to try at slower times of the day. 

Please let me know if you have questions or need assistance!