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[D2lnews] Upgrade complete; one minor issue

The upgrade was completed ahead of schedule and D2L has been up since
about 10am. There appears to be only one very minor issue. The "Email
all" link on the classlist does not work. However, please recall that
we DO NOT recommend using this link anyway.

To send email to the entire class, go to Email (link in the upper left
of the nav bar). Select the button i nthe upper left to Show Address
Book. Select the checkbox at the very top of the address book to select
everyone. Then select the BCC button to put everyone's email address
into the Blind Copy field. Put your own email address in the To field.
We encourage the use of BCC so that students do not have to see
everyone's email address before seeing your message. Additionally, they
can't accidently send a message to everyone by hitting reply to all.

If you have any questions or discover any additional problems with the
upgrade, please let me know!