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[D2lnews] Fwd: Sun Email/Calendar Update

Due to "#1. We will take the Email service DOWN on Tuesday, January 24,
from 6:30am till 8:00am to update the email firewall." D2L uses the
email login database D2L will not be available during this time. 


--- Laura Knaapen <knaapen@uwosh.edu> wrote:

> Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 01:37:40 +0000 (GMT)
> From: Laura Knaapen <knaapen@uwosh.edu>
> Subject: Sun Email/Calendar Update
> To: allemployees@lists.uwosh.edu, students@massmail.uwosh.edu
> CC: acshelp@uwosh.edu
> My apologies for not providing an update sooner...
> Summary:
> 1. We will take the Email service DOWN on Tuesday, January 24, from
> 6:30am till 8:00am to update the email firewall.
> 2. We hope to get a patch from Sun to fix the Month view on February
> 1.
> 3. We are still working with Sun to diagnose the "undefined" errors
> that some users are getting.
> 4. Just a reminder that the recommended browsers for this system are:
>              Internet Explorer version 6.x
>              Mozilla or Firefox version 1.4 or greater
> 5. There are work arounds for problems you may be having with the
> Address Book and Mozilla in the Details below.
> Details: 
> As I'm sure you've noticed, the Month view in the calendar is still
> not available.  Sun sent us a patch for the problem, but when we
> tested it, it seemed to break other features.  We have been
> contacting Sun daily to work on a resolution.  They are testing
> another patch and hope to release it to us by February 1st.
> We are also working with Sun on the "undefined" error that shows up
> occasionally for some users.  We believe it is a timing error -
> information for the message getting there just a milli-second after
> the request to retrieve it.  The problem seems more prevalent on
> older PCs and/or slower network connections, but has not been
> consistent.  For now the best work around is to click on the reply
> button, which makes the message viewable and also gets things ready
> if you do want to make a reply.
> The patch that fixed the general slowness problems broke some Address
> Book functionality - the ability to send messages directly from the
> Address Book and the ability to search beyond the first page of a
> list of names.  The work around for this problem is to use the
> Address Book through the Compose option.  That is, click on Compose
> to start your message, then click on the To link to access the
> Address Book.  You can search and select people to send your message
> to from there.
> If you have a problem with Mozilla or Firefox crashing when you send
> a message, go to the Options tab and click save.  That will correct a
> format difference in your signature that was causing the crash.
> Safari has some screen rendering issues and does not work
> consistently.
> If you are having any other problems with your email or calendar,
> please contact our Help Desk at 424-3020 or acshelp@uwosh.edu to make
> us aware of them and help you resolve them.
> Laura J. Knaapen
> Director, Academic Computing
> UW Oshkosh
> 920-424-2368
> Laura J. Knaapen
> Director of Academic Computing
> University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
> 800 Algoma Boulevard
> Oshkosh, WI  54901
> 920.424.2368
> knaapen@uwosh.edu