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[D2lnews] Don't forget the following for the new semester

* Make sure your course is available to students. Directions are at
http://idea.uwosh.edu/online/faq/instrctr/availcrs.htm Please check
that your course is active; we have gotten a good number of help calls
and emails from students about non-active courses already!

* If you need to copy material from a previous semester or another
section, follow the directions at

*If you have multiple sections or a crosslisted course, they can be
combined by sending me the following informaion via email

Department as listed in D2L
Course name(s) as listed in D2L
Which section should remain (if you put content in one, that's the one
to tell me. Differentiate sections by going to Edit course and looking
at the course code in the nav bar)

If you have any questions, give me a call x2210 or email.