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[D2lnews] WebDAV disabled as of Noon (2/3)

If you use WebDAV, please read the following. If you don't know what
WebDAV is, don't worry, you don't need to worry about this! --AnnMarie

--- "Learn@UW Utility" <learnuw-utility@lists.services.wisc.edu> wrote:
> The D2L technical staff discovered a security vulnerability with
> WebDAV. 
> Due to the potential risk to your users content, they strongly
> encourage 
> us to disable WebDAV on our system, until they can implement a
> solution 
> to the problem. This will require a code change, thereby requiring 
> testing and deployment. At this point, we cannot provide an estimate
> on 
> how long WebDAV will be unavailable.
> WebDAV will be disabled on *all *Learn@UW environments (except UWM as
> they do not use WebDAV), starting at Noon today (2/3). Please pass
> this 
> information along to your users, to make them aware of the situation
> and 
> impact on service.
> This proactive action is necessary, due to the potential risk.
> However, 
> we realize the impact that this will have on you and your users. We
> will 
> contact D2L for more information and will pass it along to you, as 
> appropriate. D2L assured us that they have not received any reports
> of 
> security breaches on their client systems at this point. And, this 
> action should prevent this from happening.
> We apologize for the short notice.
> Peter
> Learn@UW Utility Service Manager
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> Peter Mann
> Learn@UW Utility & Networked Media Services Manager
> University of Wisconsin-Madison
> Division of Information Technology (DoIT)
> 1210 W. Dayton St.
> Madison, WI  53706
> 608.265.2376
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