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[D2lnews] Revised FAQs for grading

I've updated the FAQs about grading. The biggest change is that D2L
will display an updated final grade automatically to you and to
students. However, you must select the right display options to do so.
Full instructions are at

Other FAQs are at http://idea.uwosh.edu/online/faq/index.html#grades

How do I set up how my gradebook looks and functions?
How do I add an item to the gradebook?
How do I setup a grade scheme?
How do I calculate and display final grades?
What types of grades can I put in D2L?
How do I import grades from a ScanTron (Testing Center) file?

As always, you can access the instructor FAQ by using the link in the
Instructor Resources on the right hand side of your D2L MyHome page.

Feel free to contact me with questions. I'm happy to set an appointment
to help you set up your gradebook!