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[D2lnews] Change in how courses are created

As of Tuesday, newly created courses in D2L will automatically be
ACTIVE. This means that for summer and fall courses, you will not need
to go to Edit Course and check the Active? box in order for students to
see your course (once the start date arrives). This change was
requested by Dean Zimmerman and approved by the other Deans and the
Provost. Approximately half the course sections taught on campus now
use D2L, and the number increases every semester. It makes sense to
make these D2L sites as easily accessible to students as possible. It
will also stop all those nagging emails I send nearly every day at the
beginning of the semester reminding you to make your sites active! :)
It also should drastically reduce student calls/emails to the Help Desk
and you asking why they can't see their courses.

This change does mean that if you are not using a D2L site, we
recommend you make it inactive. If you don't, students will see it on
their list and check it out. We hope you will agree that this
inconvenience to the students or to you is much less of a concern than
their inability to access course materials when a course was mistakenly
left inactive.

As of tomorrow, all newly created courses will also automatically have
their end dates set to 2 weeks after the TitanWeb listed course end
date. This type of change has long been requested by instructors (and
students!). Unfortunately, we do not have the ability (yet) to change
the start date. We hope that may be available by Fall 07. As always,
you still have the ability to manually change the start and end dates
on your courses.

Please note: "newly created" includes some spring and Iiterim courses
in additional to Summer and Fall 06. If the course did not appear in
D2L on or before Tuesday, it will be automatically active and have it's
end date extended. Courses that did appear in D2L prior to Tuesday will
have no automatic changes.

Also, starting tonight, all semester course enrollments will happen
*every night* instead of every other night. That is, spring, summer,
and fall enrollments will happen on a daily basis all semester long.
Within 24 hours of a student dropping or adding a course or a new
course being created in TitanWeb, the change should appear in D2L. (We
will continue to stay about 1 semester ahead, starting spring updates a
couple weeks into the fall semester, and summer and fall updates a
couple weeks into spring semester.) 

If you have any questions, please let me know.