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[D2lnews] Use the gradebook? Urgent reply needed--UPDATE

Thanks to the response so far! 3/4ths of the scenarios have been
covered. I still need courses that fit the following: (for more info,
please see my earlier message):

3	Multiple sections, all taught by the same instructor, mapped to
separate D2L courses 
4	Multiple sections, some taught by different instructors. Each section
mapped to its own D2L course 
14	Pass/Fail course 
16	Course listed in 2 or more departments in TitanWeb mapped to one D2L

In your reply, please indicate 
Course name
Which condition it matches 
D2L OU number (go to your course, then look at the URL. It will end
with "ou=123456"; that number is what I need. It is not the same at the
5-digit class number.)
TitanID number (used to access the testing database of TitanWeb)

If you have any questions, let me know! Please respond before Thursday
April 27.