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[D2lnews] Performance slowdown

An increase in load, especially gradebook activity, seems to be causing
the slower system response and timeout errors (500 errors). This is
happening throughout System.

The typical end-of-semester trend is that usage increases steadily
throughout the day and especially during the last class week. As usual,
we recommend that you try to do your D2L work, particularly the
gradebook, as early as possible in the day (or very late at night).
Remember, within the gradebook, the fewer students displayed per page
also increases response time (we recommend the lowest setting if you
can stand it; this is set just above the list of names).

PS Watch your inbox on Wednesday for an announcement that the eGrading
interface with TitanWeb is up and running! At that time, instructions
will be provided. We have one last test to run Wednesday morning.....
(Even though you may see information in the gradebook about it, it will
not work until you see the announcement so don't bother trying.)