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[D2lnews] Transfer grades from D2L to TitanWeb!

The eGrading interface between D2L and TitanWeb is now live! Those of
you who use the gradebook may, if you choose, send your final grades to
TitanWeb. This process is NOT required; you may still enter grades
manually in TitanWeb. If you do not already use the gradebook, I do not
recommend using it simply for this process this semester since you
would have to do all the gradebook setup first.

This is not an automatic process and it does require a number of steps.
It will take about 15-20 minutes to complete (including waiting time).
The process is not finished until you submit the grades to the
registrar from your TitanWeb roster.

For complete instructions on the process, see the new FAQ at

If you would like assistance, I will be in the IDEA Lab on the
following dates and times. If you stop by and I'm not there--I'm taking
a break, just wait! You can also call or email me. 

Friday May 12 8-10
Mon May 15 8-12, 1-2
Tues May 16 18-12, 1-3
Wed May 17 8-12, 1-3