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[D2lnews] Fwd: Academic Computing - Email Service Down Saturday, 5/13/06, 9am

Since the email server will be down, you will not be able to login to
D2L during that time (approx 9-10am Saturday). If you are already in
D2L, it will not affect you. You just won't be able to login.

In case you missed it in the email, one nice aspect of this outage is
that one piece of it is to change the login database location which
means future outages for the email server won't automatically mean D2L
logins are down.

--- Laura Knaapen <knaapen@uwosh.edu> wrote:

> Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 18:37:33 +0000 (GMT)
> From: Laura Knaapen <knaapen@uwosh.edu>
> Subject: Academic Computing - Email Service Down Saturday, 5/13/06,
> 9am
> To: allemployees@list.uwosh.edu
> CC:
> Summary:
> The email server will be taken off-line tomorrow, Saturday, May 13,
> from 9am till 10am for maintenance.
> Details:
> We will be taking the email server down this Saturday startinig at
> 9am to install a patch to the messaging service. This patch will fix
> the undefined error some of you have gotten in the body of messages. 
> We will also be removing the tape backup drive so we can replace it
> with a new disk backup system.  The disk backup system will allow us
> to do backups more quickly, produce an off-site back more easily, and
> restore data more easily.  Finally we will be moving the corporate
> address book to new, separate directory servers.  Moving the
> corporate address book will minimize user down-time on associated
> systems like Desire2Learn (D2L) when we need to take the email server
> down.  With the new directory servers we can take the email server
> down for maintenance, but still maintain user authentication (logins)
> for D2L.
> Additional News:
> The Help Desk, under the supervision of Ivor Addo, is continuing to
> make improvements in its services.
>     1 - A few weeks ago we activated the automatic notification,
> which sends an email to the client when a Help Desk work ticket is
> opened or closed.  We hope this information has been useful for you.
>     2 - Beginning last week the notification of a Help Desk ticket
> being closed also includes a link to a customer service survey. 
> There are questions on the Help Desk service and the technical
> service you received.  We appreciate you taking the time to complete
> this brief survey to let us know how we're doing and help us keep
> improving our service.
>    3 - We have also begun using a Remote Assistance tool that is
> built into the Windows operating system.  Remote Assistance allows
> users to invite our Help Desk staff to see what is on their screen. 
> Some visual computer problems are difficult to explain, but once you
> see what's going on, they can be easy to solve over the phone.  We
> think this will help our staff take care of problems (like task bars
> moving or icons disappearing) quicker.  Apple has a similar tool, but
> we need to purchase the administrator license for the Help Desk
> before we can make use of it.
> If you have questions or concerns about the email server maintenance
> or the new Help Desk services, please let me know.
> Laura J. Knaapen
> Director of Academic Computing
> University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
> 800 Algoma Boulevard
> Oshkosh, WI  54901
> 920.424.2368
> knaapen@uwosh.edu