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[Titantv] Save the Tasmanian devil Please


We are the last in our habitat on the Isle of Tasmania. Modern times are catching up with us, bringing a mysterious sickness. The planet is sustaining a dramatic crisis thru which thousands of vegetal and animal species are going to disappear for ever. The important fact is that we have a second chance and probably the last one. A chance to rethink and rebuild our relation with wildlife with less conflicting proof. As long as this crisis will last it is obvious that a sustainable way of protecting the Tasmanian devil has to be achieved.

We solemnly ask our government to take up it’s duty of protection and respect to our work save the Tasmanian devil. It is unjustifiable that, having allowed the Tasmanian tiger to disappear of the bush, we allow today the eradication of the devil.

This animal is obviously a symbol only located in Tasmania. But also a living being ! Still Living ! And it will stay alive as long as man let him do. Welcome and long life to the Tasmanian Devil.

If you would like to help, please make a purchase at http://www.worldwin-ecard.com  For every Devil postcard purchase we will donate a percentage to " Save Tasmanian Devil ". 
Kind Regards - Team of Tasmania Beem Co - WWFC -

“ The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animal are treated “  Gandhi 1869-1948